Hi there! We're Missy and Mandee Taylor, identical twin sisters! Taking pictures together and being exposed on the internet is so exciting for the both of us! We've always wanted to do something together and show off the fact that we're twins, since twins are kind of rare, right? Well now you can see how close we really are! We met a girl named Nikki out and about one night, she mentioned phil-flash, and not too long after that night, *Bam!* We are half naked in front of phil's camera!
     Age : 19
     Eyes : Grayish Blue
     Hair : Brunette
     Height : 5'0"
     Weight : 95
     Bust : 34 B
     Waist : 23"
     Hips : 32"
     Shoe Size : 5

     Age : 19
     Eyes : Grayish Blue
     Hair : Brunette
     Height : 5'1"
     Weight : 98
     Bust : 34 B
     Waist : 23"
     Hips : 32"
     Shoe Size : 5
Video Section - Videos: 46
Here's a preview of what types of videos are inside! There's lots of hot stuff going on. There are "behind the scenes" videos, you'll also see us doing little skits for the camera, being ourselves and simply having fun! This free preview video has alot of ass grabbing, ass smacking, and just plain ASS! Check it out, you won't be sorry! :)
Missy - Bad-Girl
A little bad-girl, a little pin-up style...I designed this bra and these pants, just like Mandee I like to change things up with my clothes and make them cooler :) I wear these pants clubbing a lot, and this bra is just hottt! I'm totally into polka dots and cherries n' stuff! I really felt super hot in this set!
This set was so weird! That lotion was So cold! But it warmed up almost instantly when it rubbed into our skin! The best part of the set was when we were squirting the lotion on eachother. It is pretty funny! You have to see this one!
Mandee - I Love Orange
I love orange! I didn't notice how often I seem to be attracted to orange stuff, but I seem to pick it out alot! This bra made my boobs look big and the video that goes with this set is all my ass! Yes, some of the poses are crazy looking, thank phil for that one, the 'pile driver' is his all time favorite (at least for now) pose to make us girls do!
Mesh Shirts & Black Thongs!
Is that a slight breeze we feel? uhh... where did the rest of these shirts go? This's the most nude you can be without being fully nude! Mesh Shirts & Black thongs! What's not to like? This set really got the both of us hot!
Back To The 80's, Two Mini-Cameras, & Us Two Sisters!
I don't know what we were thinking with these outfits but it really felt very Napoleon Dynamite! lol This set is pretty much us being stupid, laughing at eachother and making eachother take retardo pix! phil-flash said, 'whoever has the camera is the BOSS!' So we definately took advantage of eachother in this set!
Dirty Kitchen
Ooh lala! Zee kitchen is...how you say?- Dirty? I sink you need a pair of french maids to help you clean it up, no? Maybe we will get dirty in it first! We both had similar outfits that reminded us of french maids. phil made us do alot of shots on the floor, that was really a harsh way to pose because there's two of us and the kitchen is kinda small, take a look and see how we fit into it!
Ripped Denim Ass!
Ripped denim ass! How sexy can you get? Apparently alot sexier, when you turn the jeans into tiny, almost crotchless shorts! We had our hands all over each other in this set. When you're twins it's really like touching yourself right?
Our Very First Set!
This is our first set ever! We were soooo tired from being in the car for so long and it was pretty late at night, but phil said 'let's see whatcha got'! We were a little nervous and didn't really know what to do, so we just did whatever we could think of that seemed to be good at the time! LOL! You know out of a loss for ideas comes real creativity!
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